About Me

Tolga Blog AboutHello, I’m Tolga. This blog is a personal platform I created to share my experiences and content on system and network issues, virtualization technologies (such as VMware and VirtualBox), Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems. Here is more information about me:

Who am I?

I am Tolga, an IT technician and the author of this blog. I live in Istanbul, Turkey, and have worked in system administration, network security, and virtualization for many years. I also love exploring nature, taking photos, and discovering new technologies.

About This Blog

This blog is called “System and Network World” and offers content about computer systems, network management, virtualization technologies, and different operating systems. I’m here to troubleshoot, provide tips, and share my experiences regarding these topics.

Why Am I Blogging?

The reason I blog is to contribute to the community by sharing my knowledge and experiences, providing guidance to solve problems, and helping tech enthusiasts. These topics are my passion and area of expertise, so I love writing about them.


To communicate with me, give feedback, or ask questions, you can contact me via contact@tolgabagci.com or my social media accounts. I always make it a point to interact with my readers and answer technical questions.

Thank you for visiting this blog. I can’t wait to share my content about systems, networks, and virtualization technologies. I’m here to share more technical knowledge and experience with you!