How to Add a Cisco Router to GNS3 VM

This instructional guide will provide step-by-step instructions on seamlessly integrating a Cisco Router or Switch into a GNS3 virtual machine that has been installed and is currently running on a virtualization program. Following the outlined process, you can quickly and efficiently add the desired device to your virtual network environment.

How to Run a Cisco Router in GNS3 Server

Step 1: If you have not installed GNS3 VM with VMware before, please refer to the following video:


Step 2: The first thing you need to do after installing it is to add a router.

Step 3: After downloading the IOS image of a router you want to add, run GNS3 and GNS3-VM.

Step 4: On the GNS3 program, click File / Preferences.

Step 5: In the Preferences window, select the GNS3 VM, then Enable the GNS3 VM and click OK.

Step 6: The Servers Summary panel shows that the GNS3 VM runs smoothly.

Step 7: To add a Cisco Router or Switch, open Preferences again and click IOS Routers.

Step 8: Click New on the IOS Router Templates.

Step 9: In the Server Type window, select Run the IOS router on the GNS3-VM and click Next.

Step 10: In the IOS Image window, point to New Image and click Browse, select the Router’s image, and click Open.

Step 11: Enter the name of the Router in Name and Platform and select the platform. (E.g. c3745, c7200)

Step 12: In the Memory window, specify the amount of RAM for the Router and click Next.

Step 13: Select the interfaces you want to add to the Router in the Network Adapters window and click Next.

Step 14: In the WIC Modules window, specify the Serial Interface for the Router and continue with Next.

Step 15: In the Idle-PC window, you need to set a value on your computer for the Router to perform more efficiently. Click Idle-PC Finder and wait for your computer to place a value.

Step 16: After configuring the Idle-PC value for the Router, click Finish.

Step 17: Finally, in the IOS Router Templates window, check that the Server type of the Router you added is GNS3 Server.

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