How to Add Hard Disk in VMware Workstation

This video shows you the steps to add a disk into a virtual machine installed on the VMware Workstation virtualization software.

Adding Hard Disk in VMware

How to Connect External Hard Drive to VMware Workstation

To add a disk to VM on VMware:

Step 1: If you have not already installed VMware Workstation, see the VMware installation videos on Windows and Linux.


Step 2: After installing VMware on your computer, the virtual disk of the system is automatically configured by the program when you create a new virtual machine to install an operating system. And the virtual machine you created is stored only on the HDD of your computer.

Step 3: It is possible to configure the disk of the virtual machine manually. For example, you can add an existing external disk to the virtual machine.

Step 4: Click on Create a New Virtual Machine to add the external disk to the VM with VMware. Continue by selecting Custom in the Wizard window.

Step 5: In the Hardware Compatibility configuration, select the version of Workstation you are using.

Step 6: Continue by checking I will install the operating system later.

Step 7: Configure the operating system and the installation location of the virtual machine in the Guest Operating System window and perform the basic steps.

Step 8: To add an external disk in this step, select Use a physical disk (for advanced users) in the Select a Disk step and continue to Next.

Step 9: In the Select a Physical Disk configuration, specify the external disk you want to add in the Device section. If you do not know the PhysicalDrive’s number, open Disk Management in the Windows operating system and learn the number of the disk inserted in your computer.

Step 10: There are two options when adding the HDD that is installed on your computer to the virtual machine on VMware. These;

Use entire disk: Uses the entire capacity of the disk you added.
Use individual partitions: This option is configured if you have partitions on the disk that you added.

Step 11: Select the Use entire disk option and complete the steps for creating the virtual machine.

Step 12: After you add a portable Hard Disk / SSD on VMware, the operating system to install will be installed on this disk.

Step 13: Watch the entire video to apply all these steps in order!

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