How to Install Linux Mint 21 on a Computer using a USB Stick

This article shows how to install Linux Mint 21 using a bootable USB flash drive on a desktop or laptop computer.

Linux Mint is a stylish and performance operating system compared to other Linux distributions. The number of users of this system, which was developed from the Ubuntu code structure, is relatively high worldwide.

If you have purchased a new laptop and do not want to pay for the Windows operating system, you can choose an open-source system such as Linux Mint.

Follow this video tutorial or the steps below to download Linux Mint on your computer and install it using the ISO file.

Step 1: Click the link below and visit the official website of Linux Mint. Click on the Download button in the section that states the latest version on the website.

Step 2: After clicking Download, you will be directed to the webpage where the Cinnamon, Mate, and Xfce desktop environments are introduced. Click the Download button under a desktop environment of your choice on this website.

Step 3: Download the Linux Mint 21 ISO file from one of the servers closest to you.

Step 4: After downloading the ISO file, you need to burn the ISO file to your USB flash drive using a program called Rufus. Download the latest version of Rufus by visiting the link below.


Step 5: Plug your USB stick into your computer, and after running Rufus, add the ISO file to the program using the SELECT button.

Step 6: Select the UEFI or MBR partition scheme after adding the image file and click START.

Step 7: Confirm to use ISO Image Mode in the open information window.

Step 8: Click OK in the window that states that all data on your USB disk will be deleted.

Step 9: After preparing a bootable USB installation media, insert it into your computer and start your system with USB from the boot menu.

Step 10: When the GNU GRUB menu opens for Linux Mint installation, select the first option and start your system.

Step 11: Double-click Install Linux Mint on the desktop when the system boots up.

Step 12: When the installation wizard opens, select the language of your Linux system and then the keyboard layout.

Step 13: In the Multimedia Codecs section, choose to install the required codecs for some video formats.

Step 14: To set up a system as the installation type from scratch, check Erase disk, Install Linux Mint, and click Install Now.

Step 15: Click Continue to start the changes to the disk.

Step 16: Type the computer name and create a password after choosing where you live.

Step 17: After installing Linux Mint on your computer, restart your system and remove the installation media by pressing Enter.

Step 18: When your computer restarts, you can experience your Linux Mint system.

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