How to Install Windows 8/8.1 on macOS using VMware Fusion

This article shows you the steps to install Windows 8/8.1 on a new virtual machine using VMware Fusion 12 Pro on macOS operating system on Mac.

When you want to run Windows or Linux in a virtual machine in Apple’s macOS operating systems, you can use Boot Camp or VMware Fusion software.

When you want to run an operating system that you have installed with the Boot Camp program, you will have to restart your computer. That’s why you can instantly switch to your virtual operating system using VMware Fusion instead of Boot Camp.

After creating a new virtual machine on your system with Fusion Pro software, you can install the Windows 8x version by watching this video tutorial or by following the steps below.

Step 1: After installing and running VMware Fusion Pro, select Create a custom virtual machine in the setup options and click Continue.

Step 2: Select Windows 8x x64 in the operating system selection window and click Continue again.

Step 3: Continue after selecting UEFI and Secure Boot options in the firmware type selection window.

Step 4: Continue with the Create a new virtual disk option for a clean Windows 8x installation in the virtual disk window.

Step 5: Click Customize Settings to better configure virtual hardware settings in the summary information of the virtual machine.

Step 6: When the Save As window opens, you can configure the location where you want to save your virtual computer other than the default location.

Step 7: When the virtual computer’s settings are opened, click Processors & Memory and add 4 virtual processors to your virtual system. Assign a memory size of 2 GB or higher to your VM according to the RAM capacity of your host computer. Additionally, click Advanced Options and enable the IOMMU feature.

Step 8: Change the virtual network adapter type to Ethernet in the Network Adapter hardware settings. When you select the Ethernet adapter, you can connect your VM to your host’s local network.

Step 9: Finally, click on the CD/DVD (SATA) device and add the Windows 8.1 Pro ISO file you downloaded to your Mac to the virtual machine.

Step 10: Close the settings of the Windows 8x virtual machine and run your guest machine in the Fusion program and start the installation.

Step 11: After installing Windows 8, click Virtual Machine / Install VMware Tools in the Fusion tool menu.

Step 12: Install VMware Tools and restart your virtual Windows 8 system.

Step 13: After installing VMware Tools, you can fit the screen resolution of the Windows 8 guest machine to the full screen and transfer files between the host and the VM.

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