How to Install Windows 95 on macOS using VMware Fusion

This article shows you the steps to run Windows 95 on a new virtual machine using VMware Fusion 12 Pro on the Mac OS operating system.

After creating a new virtual machine on your system with VMware Fusion virtualization software, you can install the Windows 95 operating system by watching this video tutorial or following the steps below.

Step 1: After installing the VMware Fusion virtualization software on your Mac, select Create a custom virtual machine in the virtual machine installation methods options and click the Continue button.

Step 2: Select Windows 95 in the Guest operating system selection window and click Continue again.

Step 3: Continue Creating a new virtual disk for a clean Windows 95 installation in the virtual disk selection window.

Step 4: In the summary information window of the virtual machine, click Customize Settings to configure the virtual hardware settings better.

Step 5: In the open window, select an external location where you want to save your virtual computer or click Save to confirm the default location.

Step 6: When the Windows 95 guest machine settings are opened, click Processors & Memory and assign one virtual processor and 64 MB memory size to your virtual system.

Step 7: Select the network adapter type Ethernet in the Network Adapter settings. You can connect to your host’s local network using Ethernet on a Windows 95 guest machine.

Step 8: Finally, click on the CD/DVD (SATA) device and add the Windows 95 ISO file you downloaded to your macOS operating system to the virtual machine.

Step 9: Close the Windows 95 virtual machine’s settings, run your guest machine in the Fusion program, and start the installation.

Step 10: After installing the Windows 95 system, click Virtual Machine / Install VMware Tools in the Fusion tool menu and install VMware Tools.

Step 11: After installing VMware Tools, you can fit the screen resolution of the Windows 95 guest machine to the entire screen and transfer files between the host and the VM.

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