How to Install GNS3 VM 2.2 in Ubuntu 22.04

This article shows how to set up and configure GNS3 VM 2.2.32 using the VMware Workstation virtual machine on Ubuntu 22.04.

With GNS3 VM, you can store and run IOS images of your Cisco Router, Switch, or Firewall devices on a single central server. You can also use IOU images with GNS3 VM and get more performance.

Here are the requirements for installing a GNS3 VM on your Ubuntu computer:

  1. GNS3 Network Simulator Software
  2. VMware Workstation Virtualization Software

After installing the GNS3 and VMware Workstation programs on your computer, follow this video tutorial or the steps below to transfer the GNS3 VM to the VMware virtual machine.

To install the GNS3 VM server:

Step 1: First, visit the GNS3 official website and click the Download button in the VMware Workstation and Fusion section.

Step 2: Since the file you downloaded to your computer has a zip extension, open the terminal and extract the file with the unzip command.

Step 3: To add the GNS3 VM.ova file to the virtual machine, open the VMware program and click the Open button from the File menu.

Step 4: Type a new name for the virtual server and click the Import button.

Step 5: After importing the GNS3 VM on VMware Workstation, open the GNS3 program.

Step 6: Click Setup Wizard from the Help menu in GNS3.

Step 7: After opening the Setup Wizard, tick Run appliances in a virtual machine.

Step 8: In the local server configuration, change the Host Binding value according to the IP address of the GNS3 VM.

Step 9: Continue after establishing a connection to the GNS3 server.

Step 10: Select the virtualization software in the GNS3 VM configuration window.

Step 11: Click Finish in the Setup Wizard window and wait for the GNS3 and GNS3 VM virtual machine to establish a connection.

Step 12: If the GNS3 server is running smoothly, go to Preferences / Dynamips / IOS routers, and after adding a new Router IOS image, you can start studying for your Cisco exam.

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