How to Install VMware Tools in Debian Virtual Machine

This video shows the steps to install VMware Tools on a Debian 9.9 virtual machine on VMware Workstation Pro step by step.

How to Install VMware Tools in Debian Virtual Machine

How to Build VMware Tools in Debian Virtual Machine

To setup VM Tools on Debian 9.9:

Step 1: If you have not done a Debian setup before, please refer to the following videos to install Debian using VMware and VirtualBox.

VM Workstation ➦
VirtualBox ➦

Step 2: Installing VM Tools after installing Debian 9.9 on virtualization programs is highly recommended.

Step 3: Setting up VM Tools on a VM is very simple.

Step 4: To setup VM Tools, click on the VM menu and then select “VMware Tools”.

Step 5: The CD image will be automatically mounted on the system.

Step 6: Copy the “tools-distrib” folder in the .tar.gz file to your desktop.

Step 7: Open Terminal in the “tools-distrib” folder and go to Root access.

Step 8: Run “./” in Terminal.

Step 9: After installing it, restart your Linux system.

Step 10: You can now use your Debian virtual machine in full-screen mode and also transfer files between the host machine and the VM.

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