How to Install Windows ME (Millennium) on Oracle VM VirtualBox

This informative article will walk you through setting up Windows ME, or Millennium Edition, on a newly created virtual machine utilizing the highly efficient Oracle VirtualBox virtualization program.

Windows ME (Millennium Edition) was one of Microsoft’s operating system versions that connected Windows 98 and XP.

After the successful release of Windows 2000, the new version of the operating system for the commercial space, Microsoft decided to release the Millennium version to allow home users to update their platform. Windows ME caused a lot of design and hardware errors for users using this operating system until the release of Windows XP.

Unfortunately, when you want to install and try Windows ME on your physical computer, you cannot use up-to-date technologies or find hardware drivers. So, using virtualization software such as VirtualBox, you can install and experience Windows ME on the virtual machine by following this video or the steps below.

Step 1: First, download the ISO file of the Windows ME/Millennium operating system from the or a source on the Internet.

Step 2: After running the Oracle software, click the New button on its menu or shortcut tools to start a new virtual PC creation wizard.

Step 3: In the Name and Operating System window, after typing WindowsME in the Name field, check the values in the Type and Version sections. If you want to store the VM, you will create a different location and set the location of your external HDD or SSD storage device in the Machine Folder.

Step 4: In the Memory Size window, set a suitable RAM value for the Windows ME virtual machine according to the RAM capacity of your physical computer. By default, WinMe’s maximum RAM value is 512 MB, but you can choose a 1 GB size.

Step 5: In the Hard Disk window, you must create a new virtual disk for the Windows Millennium virtual machine. Since the Create a virtual hard disk option is enabled by default, click Next directly. In this window, if you have a guest machine you have previously installed, you can add your virtual disk file with the option to add an existing virtual HDD.

Step 6: In the Hard Disk File Type window, select the VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image) disk type and click Next. Other virtualization programs use different disk types in this window, so it is helpful to select it as the VDI disk type is the most suitable option for Oracle VM VirtualBox software.

Step 7: If you want to select a location other than the installation location in the File Location and Size window, click on the folder icon and select the location you created on your physical computer. Finally, configure the capacity of the Windows Millennium virtual disk to 4 GB.

Step 8: After creating the Windows ME virtual computer, click Settings to add the Windows ISO installation media to the guest machine and to make other virtual hardware settings.

Step 9: Since VirtualBox does not support the Guest Additions software for Windows 9x versions, you will not be able to use the hardware of your physical computer in the virtual machine, and you will not be able to enable features such as Shared Clipboard and Drag and Drop.

Step 10: In the System / Motherboard window, configure the primary boot device as Optical and turn off the Floppy device.

Step 11: If you want to configure more than one number of virtual processors for the WinME virtual computer, first enable I/O APIC on the Motherboard hardware and then specify the virtual CPU number.

Step 12: As Guest Additions cannot be installed, you usually do not need to enable 3D graphics acceleration in the Display / Screen settings. However, allow that option anyway since you will install the display adapter driver manually.

Step 13: After checking that you have configured the I/O Cache feature of the IDE controller and the WindowsVista.vdi virtual disk file as SSD (Solid-State Drive) in the storage settings, click on Empty and then the DVD icon to add the Windows ISO file to the VM and add the image file.

Step 14: After preparing the Windows Millennium virtual PC, click the Start button and start the installation. Watch the video tutorial to install the Display and USB 2.0 driver drivers.

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