How to Install Windows ME using VMware Workstation

This video shows you the steps to install Windows ME installation step by step using the VMware virtualization program on your Windows 10 operating system.

How to Install Windows ME using VMware Workstation

How to Install Windows ME using VMware Workstation

To set up Win ME step by step:

Step 1: Install the VMware on your Windows 10 computer before proceeding with the Windows ME installation steps.

VMware 15 ➦
VMware 14 ➦

Step 2: After installation, download WinME ISO file to your computer from the following link.

Step 3: After downloading the ISO file to your computer, run the VMware virtualization program.

Step 4: To install Windows ME, you must first create a new virtual machine on VMware. Click on Create a New Virtual Machine to proceed.

Step 5: In the New Virtual Machine Wizard window, click Custom and continue with Next.

Step 6: In the Hardware Compatibility window, select Workstation 14.x or 15.x, and then continue with Next.

Step 7: In the Guest Operating System Installation window, select I will install the OS later and continue to Next.

Step 8: Select “Windows ME x64 Edition” in the Select a Guest Operating System window to install Microsoft ME and continue to Next.

Step 9: In the Name the VM window, type a name in the Windows machine. In the Location section, configure a location where you want to store the VM.

Step 10: Click BIOS in the Firmware Type window and continue.

Step 11: In the Processor Configuration window, add one or two processors to the VM.

Step 12: In the Memory for the VM window, assign a minimum of 4 GB of RAM to the VM.

Step 13: In the Network Type window, select the Bridged Network option and click Next

Step 14: In the I/O Types window, select LSI Logic and click Next.

Step 15: In the Select a Disk Type window, select SCSI and click Next.

Step 16: In the Select a Disk window, you must create a new disk to install Windows ME. Click Create a new virtual hard disk and click Next.

Step 17: After configuring the virtual disk size, select Allocate all disk space now and click Next.

Step 18: After creating a new virtual machine for Windows ME using VMware, add the installation image file that you downloaded to your computer to the virtual machine.

Step 19: After installing the operating system, do not forget to install VMware Tools!

Step 20: Watch the entire video to install the MS Win ME operating system step by step.

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