How to Install Cisco Packet Tracer 7.2.2 on openSUSE

This video shows you the installation steps of the Packet Tracer 7.2.2 simulator software on Linux / openSUSE Leap 15.

OpenSUSE is the name of a Novell-sponsored distribution and free project for the development and maintenance of a Linux-based operating system. Before the advent of OpenSUSE, the development of this distribution, formerly known as SUSE Linux, was done behind closed doors.

Now, the process is open to any programmer and user who wants to contribute to the development of openSUSE.

The formation of this community was announced in 2005 by Novell.

How to Use Cisco Packet Tracer on SUSE Linux

Step 1: If you have not previously installed openSUSE, please refer to the video below.


Step 2: Before starting the installation process, download the Packet Tracer from here for Linux systems to your computer.

Step 3: Make sure that the installation file you downloaded is .Run. With version 7.2.2 of PT, there is now a GUI interface for easier installation on Linux. Now double-click the .Run file and start the installation.

Step 4: In the first step of the Cisco simulator setup wizard, click Next.

Step 5: Click Next in the first step of the Cisco simulator setup wizard. Step 5: Click Next to continue with the default location / opt / pt / in the Installation Folder.

Step 6: Immediately after configuring the location, accept the license agreement of the software and click Next.

Step 7: In the Ready to Install window, click the Install button to start the installation.

Step 8: When you are prompted to enter your root password during installation, type your password and click OK.

Step 9: When the wizard is complete, click Finish and start the program using the packettracer command in the terminal.

Step 10: If the Cisco network software does not start, you need to install the Libpng12 package. To do this, run the following command on the terminal.


Step 11: You cannot install DEB packages on openSUSE because they are developed for Debian. If you want to install the DEB package on your SUSE computer, you will need to install the corresponding software. To install the DPKG software, run the following command:

sudo zypper install dpkg

Step 12: After installing the DPKG package, run the following commands to copy to the installation location of Packet Tracer.

mkdir cpt; dpkg -x libpng12-0_1.2.50-2+deb8u3_amd64.deb ./cpt
sudo cp ./cpt/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ /opt/pt/bin/

Step 13: After copying, run the simulator with the packettracer command.


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