What is a Mouse in Computer?

A mouse is used as a pointing device that allows interaction with a computer. Generally, the mice are made of plastic and have a mechanism that allows the user to sense movement in two dimensions: the X-axis and the Z-axis, lateral translation and can be flipped forward or backward.

When you move the mouse over a flat surface, this movement is reflected on the screen by a pointer, arrow, or cursor. It is worth noting that there is a certain learning curve when using the mouse for the first time.

Young people seem to find this very easy, as in many other areas, and it is common for them to outdo their elders in manual dexterity in a short time.

But for a person of a certain age who has never come close to technology, certain obstacles need to be overcome.

The biggest challenge lies in understanding that movement performed on a horizontal surface is often converted into a screen in a vertical position.

On the other hand, the user has to get used to lifting the mouse and repositioning it every time the desktop reaches its limit and want to continue in the same direction.

In addition to transferring motion to the screen, the mouse has a minimum of two buttons, which allows the user to select different options specific to each operating system and program used.

The actions that a person can perform with these keys and the mouse are cataloged and the computer analyzes them to know how to respond at any moment.

Clicking is an immediate release when any of the buttons are pressed and the duration of holding down is configurable.

The double click is the same as the previous case but is repeated at an adjustable interval.

Release, the system must know exactly when a button is released, as there are applications that rely on this event to execute a certain function.

Drag indicates that the mouse moves when one of the buttons is pressed. There are different types of mice according to the technology on which their operations are based.

At the bottom of the mechanical mouse system is a plastic ball that moves the two wheels according to the displacement in the flat surface, which instantly translates into information about movement along the X and Z axes mentioned above.

On the other hand, at the bottom of the optical type mouse system, there is a sensor that takes a picture of the surface it is on and detects changes in the position of the device.

The laser mouse, on the other hand, is the most sensitive as optical technology has a high-resolution laser instead of a light beam and works on a wide variety of surfaces regardless of both its uniformity and uniformity.

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