What is Software in Computer Systems?

Software (SW) is a set of instructions that a computer must follow, containing all the instructions on what to do and how to do it.

The concept of software covers everything intact, such as programs and operating systems, that are abstract in the computer.

This definition contradicts the physical components of the computer; these devices, devices, and equipment are related to tactile, visible, and replaceable equipment. Without the application, no matter how big or expensive, the hardware will not work.

Today, the word software has become global, synonymous with computer instructions.

If we compare a computer with a person, the software becomes like the nervous system’s signals, which control the body’s functioning.

Software Types

These types are diverse and must be adapted to the electronic equipment you want to operate. For example, planes, smartphones, and word processors work with different software.

Many applications are active simultaneously when we use the computer to listen to music, write a text, and look for information online.


The basic input/output system, BIOS, is the first SW to start and start the computer. It is a necessary software for any computer.

   Operating Systems

Its function is to control the computer’s physical part to facilitate the user’s physical use. After completing the BIOS boot job, the operating system checks the activities of the computer.

We can discuss several operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux for personal computers, and iOS and Android for tablets and smartphones.

It optimizes the operating system, processor, memory, and input/output equipment, allowing users to run various programs efficiently. The database system tries to maximize memory and disk usage to enable different users to access the data simultaneously.


These are computer maintenance programs—information system, disk utility, hard disk scan, console, and terminal.

   Application Software

Application is software that helps us do something efficient or fun on the computer. It is written to perform a specific function. This function does not have to be directly related to the computer. For example, a word processor helps users create text.

There are two types of application software:

  1. General Commercial Mass Use Program
  2. Special Production Program

The best-known generic apps, Powerpoint, Word, Excel, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, DVD players, and many more applications, can be examples.

An example of custom-made application software is a banking system that addresses a particular area, such as a bank’s customers, accounts, investments, interests, and deposits.

   Communication Software

Communication SW allows computers to communicate with each other. Examples are FTP, email, chat rooms, and messaging programs.

   Embedded Software

It is part of the electronic equipment and is used to control the functions of the physical characteristics of the equipment. For example, on TV sets, in planes, and video games.

The application performs the corresponding process when an operator presses a button on the aircraft controls command.

It is characterized as it is designed based on electronic equipment.

For example, when we press the microwave button to heat at high power for two minutes, the embedded system orders the microwave to operate at full voltage and shut down after a specific time.

Software Engineering

It refers to the application of engineering principles in SW principles, namely the development, operation, and maintenance of the SW. He is known as the professional system engineer responsible for this task.

Let’s examine the detail between a programmer and a system engineer. A programmer writes a complete program as a personalized event. Instead, a system engineer writes some of the SW that will be combined with others to set up a system as part of teamwork.

How to Build a Software?

The basic form of the first software was Binary (Binary code). This is a numbering system with only two numbers: 0 and 1. Currently, programmers and application engineers write in programming languages; the best known are C++, Ada, and JavaScript.

The Importance of Software

Today, it is used to control almost all electronic devices. They are located in the control systems of aircraft, transport, and power plants. They are also infrequently used in electronic appliances such as ovens, microwaves, televisions, and refrigerators.

An application also controls medical devices such as pacemakers and diagnostic equipment. In short, modern society depends on the correct operation of the software.

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