How to Change Hardware Version in VMware Workstation

This video shows you the steps to change the hardware version of a virtual machine on VMware.

How to Change Hardware Build Number in VMware

How to Change Hardware Version in VMware Workstation

To change the hardware number on VMware:

Step 1: If you have not installed VMware on Windows or Linux before, please refer to the videos below.

Windows ➦
Linux ➦

Step 2: When you update VMware Workstation 14 to 15, you need to update the hardware version of the machines you have installed.

Step 3: Open a virtual machine that you installed earlier.

Step 4: Click on Upgrade this machine.

Step 5: Click Next in the Change Compatibility Wizard window.

Step 6: From the Compatibility section, select the new version (Workstation 15.x) of the VMware Workstation program and click Next.

Step 7: In the Clone Before Converting window you will see two options. Select Alter this virtual machine and click Next.

Step 8: Click Finish to apply the changes.

Step 9: After changing the VMware hardware number, click Close.

Step 10: You can now run your machine and update the VMware Tools.

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