How to Use the Snapshot in VMware Workstation

This video shows you the steps of using Snapshot on a virtual machine running on VMware.

How to Use the Snapshot in VMware Workstation

How to Use Snapshot to Instantly Backup a Virtual Machine

For use of Snapshot on VMware:

Step 1: If you have not previously installed VM Workstation 15 on Windows or Linux, please refer to the following videos and article:

VMware 15 Setup
Windows ➦
Ubuntu ➦

Step 2: After installing VMware, you have done a clean Windows installation and you can duplicate it with Snapshot instead of installing a new operating system over and over again.

Step 3: For the use of Snapshot, the virtual machine does not have to be running. You can also perform a Snapshot operation when the VM is off.

Step 4: Specify the virtual computer to create the snapshot.

Step 5: Follow VM / Snapshot / Take Snapshot in the menu of the program.

Step 6: Wait while creating a Snapshot of the Windows / Linux machine on VMware.

Step 7: After creating the Snapshot, open the VM and make changes to the system. For example, you can create a new folder or text document.

Step 8: Open the Snapshot Manager to easily make the changes you have made and select the Snapshot you received and click Go To.

Step 9: When restoring the Snapshot, the virtual machine will close and reopen. After the VM open again, you will see an expression like “Restoring State 50%” in the lower left corner.

Step 10: After completing the Restoring State, it will restore the Snapshot of the machine.

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