How to Create a New Virtual Machine in Oracle VM VirtualBox

This video shows you the steps to create a new virtual machine using Oracle VM VirtualBox on Windows, Linux and macOS systems.

How to Create a New Virtual Machine in Oracle VM VirtualBox

To create a new virtual machine in Oracle VM VirtualBox:

Step 1: If you have not previously installed VirtualBox on Windows or Linux, please refer to the videos below

Windows ➦
Linux ➦

Step 2: To create a new virtual machine after installing VirtualBox on your system, click on the New button in the tool menu.

Step 3: In the Create Virtual Machine window, type the name of the operating system that you will install. Then select the operating system type and version.

Step 4: Set the RAM of the virtual machine in the Memory Size window.

Step 5: In the Hard Disk configuration, select Create a Virtual Hard Disk Now and click Create.

Step 6: Select VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image) and click Next.

Step 7: In the Storage on physical hard disk window, select Fixed Size and click Next.

Step 8: In the File Location and Size window, set the disk size of the virtual machine and select its location.

Step 9: Finally, click the Create button to start creating a new virtual machine on VirtualBox.

Step 10: After you have prepared the virtual machine, you can add the ISO file of the operating system you will install and start the installation.

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