How to Use an Existing Virtual Disk on Oracle VM VirtualBox

This video shows you how to re-add virtual machines installed on the Oracle VM VirtualBox virtualization program to the program.

How to Use an Existing Virtual Disk on Oracle VM VirtualBox

NOTE: You can complete the steps to re-add virtual machines on VirtualBox 6.0.4 by following this video.

To re-add ready or installed virtual systems to VirtualBox:

Step 1: If you didn’t install VirtualBox before, please refer to the videos below:

Windows ➦
Linux ➦

Step 2: After you install VirtualBox, you must create a new virtual machine to add the previously backed up virtual machines to the program.

Step 3: In the new virtual machine creation window, select the operating system that you want to add again.

Step 4: Specify the RAM value for the virtual machine.

Step 5: In the virtual hard disk configuration window, select Use an existing virtual hard disk file and add the .vdi file of the system that you want to add to the program again.

Step 6: Click the Create button to end the process.

Step 7: After adding the virtual machine you used before to VirtualBox, run it and check the status.

Step 8: Follow the entire video to perform these steps.

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