How to Install Virtual Machine on Mac

This video shows you the steps to create a new virtual machine using the VMware Fusion Pro virtualization program on your Mac.

How to Install Virtual Machine on Mac

How to Install Virtual Machine on Mac

To run a virtual computer on a Mac:

Step 1: If you didn’t install VMware Fusion on your Mac before, please refer to the video below.

Step 2: After installing the Fusion program on your Mac, you can now build a new virtual computer on your computer!

Step 3: Open the applications and run the program.

Step 4: Click Create a Custom VM on the Select the Installation Method screen.

Step 5: Choose the operating system you want to install on your computer and continue.

Step 6: Select Legacy BIOS or UEFI (Secure Boot) Firmware Type and continue.

Step 7: In the Virtual disk option, select Create a New Virtual Disk and continue.

Step 8: On the VM Summary screen, click Customize Settings and configure the machine’s installation location.

Step 9: Finally, click the CD/DVD device from the machine settings and add the ISO file of the operating system and start the installation!

Step 10: Watch the entire video to install a virtual machine on your Mac!

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