How to Change the Hostname of a Cisco Router or Switch

This video shows you how to configure the hostname name of the Cisco Router / Switch using GNS3.

Changing the names of Cisco Routers or Switches prevents complexity for future network changes.

In GNS3, the default name of a Router is R1 and on a real device, it is Router. A +1 number is added to the default name of each device you just added to this program.

You can rename your devices for more organized network topologies.

To change the Hostname:

Step 1: Switch to privileged mode using the “configure terminal” command in CLI.

Step 2: To change R1 to ARouter, execute “hostname ARouter”.

– R1(config)# hostname ARouter

Step 3: After configuring the name of your device, use the wr command to save the running configuration.

– ARouter# wr

You can rename your Router name by following these steps.

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