How to Expand Virtual Disk in VMware Workstation

In this informative video tutorial, you will be guided through expanding a virtual disk on a VMware platform currently running on the Windows 10 operating system. The instructions are clear, concise, and easy to follow, making it a hassle-free experience for any user.

How to Increase Disk Size in VMware Virtual Machine

To enlarge the virtual disk on VMware:

Step 1: If you have not installed VMware on your Windows computer before, please refer to the videos below:

VMware 12 ➦
VMware 14 ➦
VMware 15 ➦

Step 2: After installing the VMware virtualization program on your computer, you create a new virtual machine and install a new operating system over it; you can easily do so if you want to expand the VM disk.

Step 3: First, close the virtual machine on VMware.

Step 4: Click on the Hard Disk Device of the VM.

Step 5: After opening the Virtual Machine Settings window, click Hard Disk again.

Step 6: Click the Expand Disk Capacity button.

Step 7: Specify the HDD size on the Maximum Hard Disk and click the Expand button.

Step 8: Wait while the virtual disk enlarges.

Step 9: Click the OK button to close the Info window:

Step 10: Close the Virtual Machine Settings window.

Step 11: Now run the virtual machine.

Step 12: Click My Computer and check the C: drive.

Step 13: Click Manage on My Computer.

Step 14: Continue by clicking Disk Management in the Computer Management window.

Step 15: On the C: drive, click Extend Volume.

Step 16: Click the Next button in the Extend Volume Wizard window.

Step 17: Select Disk0 or Disk1 in the Selected section and click Next.

Step 18: On VMware, expand the virtual machine’s virtual HDD and click Finish to close the window.

Step 19: Finally, open My Computer again and check the status.

Step 20: Watch the entire video to expand the virtual disk on VMware.

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