How to Install PlayOnLinux 4.3.4 in Debian 12

Are you a Linux user who wants to run Windows apps or games on your computer? If you are, you might find PlayOnLinux interesting. This software lets you install and use Windows apps and games on your Linux PC.

In this article, we’ll show you how to install and use PlayOnLinux 4.3.4 on a Debian 12 Bookwarm computer. We’ll also help you install and run Windows software on your Linux machine. Whether you’re a Linux expert or just starting, this article will get you going with this app and make your computer even more helpful.

Installing PlayOnLinux in Debian

Credit: Debian

Running Windows Apps on Debian with PlayOnLinux

If you’re a Linux user who needs to use Windows apps, you can do it on your Linux computer using this software. This software lets you install and use apps that are usually used on Windows right on your Linux PC.

An excellent way to start is by installing something like Notepad or Office on Debian 12. That way, you can work on documents and spreadsheets without switching to a Windows computer.

Or, you can try different software made for Linux that does similar things to the Windows programs you’re used to. With it, you have lots of choices to find what works best for you.

Installing PlayOnLinux on a Debian PC

You can use Windows programs or games on your Linux computer in two ways. You can follow the steps here or watch our video to learn how to install it. It is free and easy software that helps you use Windows on Linux. It makes it simple to run Windows apps and games on your Linux system.

So, with this software, you can enjoy your favorite Windows programs on Linux without any trouble.

  1. If you’re having trouble running 32-bit programs on your computer, the 32-bit setup isn’t turned on. You can fix this by opening the console screen and typing in “sudo dpkg –add-architecture i386”. This will make it possible for you to run 32-bit programs without any more problems.
    sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386
  2. To turn on 32-bit architecture, go to the terminal and type a command. After that, update the software by typing “sudo apt update” in the terminal. This makes sure you have the newest updates ready to install on your system.
    sudo apt update
  3. To put Wine32 on your computer, start by updating the list of packages. Open the terminal and type the command to update it. After that, you can install Wine32 by typing ‘sudo apt install wine32’ in the terminal. This will start the installation, and then you can use Wine32 on your computer.
    sudo apt install wine32
  4. You can put the Windows emulator software on your computer using a quick command in the terminal. But if you prefer, you can also get the deb package and install it. Just go to the Downloads folder by typing ‘cd ~/Downloads’ in the terminal, and then use the ‘wget’ command to download the file.
    cd ~/Downloads
  5. To get version 4.3.4 on your PC, first download the installation package. Then, in the terminal, type ‘sudo dpkg -i PlayOnLinux_4.3.4.deb’ to start installing it. This command will guide you through the installation process.
    sudo dpkg -i PlayOnLinux_4.3.4.deb
  6. If the installation still needs to be finished and there are extra things to install, no worries! Just type “sudo apt install -f” in the terminal. This command will take care of installing anything that’s missing, making sure the software or program works smoothly.
    sudo apt install -f
  7. After you’ve got it on your computer, you can quickly see what version it is. Just type “playonlinux –version” in the terminal. If you want to open it, type “playonlinux” into the terminal.
    playonlinux --version

Installing Windows Software using PlayOnLinux

  1. If you want to install a program that’s not on PlayOnLinux’s list, open the app. Then, click on “Install a program” or “Install a non-listed program.” It’ll show you what to do next to install the program you want.
  2. Before you start installing, make sure you read the instructions carefully. Once you know what you need, go to the manual installation section. Then, choose “Install a program on a new virtual drive.” This helps things go smoothly and avoids any issues with other programs you already have.
  3. Give the virtual drive a name that shows which program it’s for.
  4. Choose whether it’s 32-bit or 64-bit. Then, after setting up Wine, pick the EXE file and finish installing the program.


To sum up, it is great for Linux users who want to use Windows apps. It lets you quickly and easily install and use Windows software on your Linux computer. This guide showed you how to install and use PlayOnLinux 4.3.4 on a Debian 12 Bookwarm PC and how to run Windows software on Linux.

Whether you’re new to Linux or an expert, it gives you more choices when it comes to finding the software that’s right for you. With it, you can enjoy your favorite Windows programs on Linux without any hassle.

If you want to install this software on other types of Linux, take a look at our guide for installing PlayOnLinux on Kali Linux.

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