How to Install PlayOnLinux 4.3.4 in Linux Mint 21

Are you someone who uses Linux Mint 21 and wants to use a program or game that’s meant for Windows? Even though Linux Mint isn’t made for Windows stuff, there’s a way around it. PlayOnLinux is a tool that helps you run Windows programs and games on your Linux Mint.

We’ll explain how to get version 4.3.4 set up on your Linux Mint 21 computer. Plus, we’ll help you install a Windows program using this tool. Let’s start!

Installing PlayOnLinux in Linux Mint

Credit: Linux Mint

Using PlayOnLinux to Run Windows Programs on Linux Mint

If you’re using Linux, like Mint, you might have trouble running programs meant for Windows, like ones with EXE or MSI file types. Linux isn’t built to handle Windows programs on its own, so you need extra help to make it work.

One way to solve this is by using something called Wine. Wine acts like a bridge, letting Windows programs work on Linux.

To get Windows programs running on your Linux computer, you can use a tool called PlayOnLinux. This software makes it easy to set up and use Wine to install Windows programs on Linux.

Once you have it installed, you can find and install lots of different Windows programs and games from its database. It even has special setup scripts to help you install these programs smoothly on Linux.t

With this app, you can enjoy Windows programs on your Linux computer without needing to switch to Windows. It’s a simple and trustworthy solution for Linux users who want to use Windows software and games.

Installing PlayOnLinux on a Linux Mint PC

Suppose you’re using Linux Mint 21 and want to install specific software. In that case, you have two choices: watch our video tutorial or follow the simple steps below. These steps will walk you through the whole process so you can start using the software quickly.

  1. To keep your Linux Mint computer current with the newest software and where to find it, do this: go to the terminal and type “sudo apt update.” This will get all the latest updates and make sure your system stays safe and works well.
    sudo apt update
  2. To get deb on your PC, you can use the console and type in the wget command. It’s a quick and easy way to grab it, so you can start using it right away.
  3. To put 4.3.4.deb on your system, you have to download it first. Once you have it, just run the command below in the console. That’ll get PlayOnLinux set up on your system so you can run Windows apps on your Mint computer.
    sudo dpkg -i PlayOnLinux_4.3.4.deb
  4. While setting up it, you may need to install other stuff it depends on. If that happens, just type “sudo apt install -f” in the terminal. This will sort out all the necessary packages so you can finish installing it without any hiccups.
    sudo apt install -f
  5. After you’ve installed it, you can find out which version you have by typing “–version” into the terminal. This will tell you what version of it you’ve got on your PC.
    playonlinux --version
  6. To start the program, open the terminal and type “playonlinux.” Then hit enter. This will open up the program, and you can start using it right away.

Installing a Windows Program using PlayOnLinux

  1. To install the software on your Linux Mint computer, you have to download a file called an executable (EXE) setup file. This file has all the stuff your computer needs to run the software right. Once you get that file, follow the steps that come with the software to install it.
  2. To begin using it, first open it on your PC. Then, find and hit on (Install a program). From there, you can pick the program you want, and it will help you install it step by step.
  3. If you can’t find the software you want in the list, you can still install it. Just click on “Install a non-listed program.” This lets you manually install any software you need, even if it’s not on the list.
  4. To finish installing, please tell us where the executable (EXE) file is on your device. This helps the system find and run the installation properly.


If you’re using Linux Mint 21 and want to run Windows programs or games, this Windows emulator tool is the way to go. It lets you easily install Windows programs on your Linux PC.

Just follow the steps we’ve outlined here, and you’ll have it set up in no time, ready to run Windows stuff on your computer. Give it a shot and enjoy using your favorite Windows programs and games on Linux Mint!

If you want to learn about different types of Linux, read our article about Kali and PlayOnLinux. Or, if you’re using another kind of Linux, you can use our guide for Debian and PlayOnLinux.

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