How to Install Windows ME on macOS

This video shows you the steps to install Microsoft Windows ME using the Fusion virtualization program on your macOS High Sierra 10.13 operating system.

How to Install Windows ME on macOS

How to Install Windows ME on macOS

To install Windows ME on macOS:

Step 1: If you haven’t installed VMware Fusion on macOS High Sierra before, check out the video below.

Step 2: After installing Fusion on macOS High Sierra now you’re ready to install Windows ME on your Mac!

Step 3: First, download Windows ME for macOS from the following link to your computer.

Step 4: After downloading the ISO file to your computer, run Fusion virtualization software on macOS.

Step 5: After running the macOS system, select Create a custom VM and click Continue.

Step 6: In the operating system selection window, select Microsoft Windows and then Windows ME operating system. Then click Continue to continue the installation.

Step 7: Select Create a new virtual disk in the Choose a Disk window and click Continue.

Step 8: In the virtual machine setup window, click the Customize Settings to add the ISO file to the virtual machine.

Step 9: In the Save As section, select the location where you want to set up the machine and click Save.

Step 10: Select Choose a disc or disc image.

Step 11: Add the ISO file to the ME virtual machine.

Step 12: You can start installing Windows ME now by using the virtualization program on macOS High Sierra!

Step 13: Watch the entire video to install Windows ME step by step on macOS.

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