How to Install Google Chrome in Ubuntu

If you like Chrome and want it to always be up to date on your system, we’ll show you how to install the latest stable version of Google Chrome into the Ubuntu distribution.

Chrome is Google’s web browser. Google Chrome is the most widely used, fast, simple, and secure browser in the world. It uses the same code base as Chromium but has some features.

It considers by users as the best internet browser of today.

Chrome was developed by Google and launched for the first time in 2008, it has since succeeded.

The first versions were only available for Windows but later released for Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS.

In this article, we will install Google Chrome on Ubuntu 19.10 / 19.04 / 18.10 / 18.04.

Step 1: Download Google Chrome for Ubuntu

You can download the latest version of Google Chrome directly from the official Google website. Or you can download Chrome with the wget command using the terminal.

Now open the terminal and run the following command to download:


Step 2: Install Google Chrome

You will need sudo privilege to install the deb extension you downloaded to Ubuntu, so you will probably need to confirm it with your password. To see how simple the installation is, run the following command on the terminal:

sudo dpkg -i google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb

sudo apt install -f

Step 3: Launch Google Chrome

When the installation is complete, Google Chrome will be added to your Linux system. You can use google-chrome at the terminal to run and use the browser.


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